A realtime multiplayer dot eating game.

Warcell reached end of life on Feb 16, 2018.
Thank you for your support!

Easy to Control

Move your cells using the joystick or gyro! Agar.io style touch based control is also available.


Your cells change their facial expression of emotions as you eat other cells, hit spikes or lose a remarkable amount of mass.


Keep an eye on the scoreboard to track your rank in the room.

Familiar Gameplay

Split to catch fast moving small cells. Eject some mass to take advantage of the spikes or to feed your friends.

Are you ready to eat other cells?

... Or they will eat you!

Warcell is a realtime multiplayer dot eating game in which you play against other players. As you eat foods or other players, you grow. Beware spiky cells, they hurt you if you touch them when you are larger than their mass.

The game is inspired by Agar.io

You can download and install Warcell for Android from link removed.


Warcell reached end of life as of Feb 16, 2018.
Thank you for your support!

Warcell is created by NIL Games
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